30 click parameters

Including uniqueness, bot identification, proxy traffic, country, city, ISP, connection type and other.

Work without redirects

You can run traffic directly on the lending, keeping the possibility for offers split tests and still receiving full click information.

Improved Postback

Ability to set postback not only to the traffic source or tracker, but to any link (for example Telegram) or script.

Transfer conversions to the source

This makes it possible to optimize campaigns on the side of some traffic sources, such as Exoclick or Airpush.

Import click cost from the traffic source

Click cost on various publishers is often different. By using the CPC transfer, you will know the real cost of the click.

Updating costs

Ability to update click cost by tokens, for any time ranges, including time zones and batch update for all campaigns.

Unlimited Additional Domains

We don’t mind.

Conversion statuses and upsell

You can transfer status for your conversions, for example: singup, approve, reject.

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