Speed is our priority

We believe that the main characteristics for modern tracker is speed. On speed of clicks process depends your conversions and ROI stats. Even extra 100 ms can significantly reduce your revenue. Comfort work inside tracker also depends on speed of reports generating. In the course of the day you can create hundreds of reports and it will end up in huge difference: whether to wait one second on each or ten. Now you can forget about slow user interfaces! Binom is the leader in processing speed. Our goal is to save your time and increase your efficiency.

Instant click processing

Tracker processes click in 5 ms. At the same time, its speed does not depend on the amount of traffic and the amount of clicks in database.

Quick reports

Most of the reports are grouping instantly. Deep analytics of all you campaigns in few clicks.

Guarantee of zero losses

With Binom you can be sure that all clicks, that were sent to the tracker - will be processed and available for analysis.

Reliable storage

We use transactional engines for clicks storage. This eliminates server emergency reboot danger to the data-tables.

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