Traffic analytics

Binom — is a leader in reports generating speed. Most reports generated instantly.
More than 26 metrics without restrictions on grouping will allow you to learn your campaigns as detailed as possible, and filters system will speed up the optimization process.

Multilevel reports

Learn your traffic as deep as possible. For example, you can open report by grouping: offer-landing-banner.


Campaign groups statistics

Several campaigns or traffic sources analysis can provide lots of useful information. You can optimize several publishers using this function.

Filters system

Create white and black-lists in two clicks! Filters can be saved and used through the API.

Row Tagging

Mark blocked publishers, or those that you sent to white-campaigns.

Statistics by rules

It is convenient to check the rule that was applied to the particular click. This metric can be grouped with any others.


Those who work with mobile traffic will benefit from grouping by connection type and IP-bands.

Daily statistics

You can see any segment of your traffic dynamics, whether it's a publisher or OS, or simply daily profit of any campaign.

Last hour statistics

Statistics for the last 60 minutes will help you to quickly notice if something goes wrong with your campaigns, landers or offers.

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