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Binom is a tracking platform for high loads. We are the leaders in processing and analytics of high volume of traffic at an affordable cost.
Our goal is to increase your efficiency.

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A tracker is an important tool of an affiliate or a media buyer. Many leaders of the market trust us. Binom was created for the high loads and high productivity. Our clients are the leaders of traffic volume and profit. Many of them have already been using Binom for 3 years!

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Our principles.

1. The product is the most important thing.
2. The best support.
3. The highest speed is a big advantage.
4. Flexibility, freedom of use, opportunities.
5. Only a self-hosted approach.
6. We are people, not a corporation, and we do things for people.
7. If you do something sincerely, it is not possible to fail.
8. Only fixed price. We won't motivate you to pay more for some additional features. All are available from the beginning.
9. We do our best.
10. We help our users examine our product, but do not adapt the product to the level of users.

Our team.

We are a friendly team of developers and supporters. We are young and do what we love. We walk around the office in sneakers, like to invite guests (the current record is 38 people), work, smoke a hookah, and most of all help people master the tracker in order to obtain green stats.


Is Binom suitable for beginners?
Of course. Right off the bat, eliminating tracker-related errors is crucial. Working with other trackers you can fail to create successful campaigns due to losing ROI. This may happen because of slow redirects and traffic loss, which you will never face with Binom. Our tracker has a number of unique features, such as redirectless tracking, filter-system, protection from spy-services and much more. Detailed documentation and FAQ with 100+ questions will allow you to master the product, and if you require assistance, feel free to contact our support. All our clients agree, that we have the best support among trackers.
Is Binom suitable for professionals?
Binom was created for the most demanding of professionals. That does not mean it has to be complicated. It is the most modern and technologically advanced solution on the market today. Our team started to create Binom out of their own needs. And as it often happens, during the development process we decided the product would be useful for other people. We have more than 7 years of experience in media buying and perfectly understand all needs of our fellow affiliates. Our goal is to give our clients unique opportunities to increase their profits, competitive advantages and provide them with reliable and fast tool.
What makes Binom better than other self-hosted trackers?
Our product is the most advanced solution among other self-hosted trackers at the moment. We don’t have all the disadvantages other trackers have, such as unstable code base, slow redirects on high volumes, loss of clicks (even while generating statistics), slow report generation. At any load, you get the fastest redirects and stable and high interface speed.
What makes Binom better than popular cloud trackers?
Our most important advantage against other cloud trackers is that the license price does not depend on the amount of clicks. Also, data is stored on your server, so you won’t lose it even your if your license expires. Under light load, costs for cloud and self-hosted trackers are comparable. But if traffic counts up to millions clicks per day (for example, when working with pop-traffic), costs can differ up to ten times. Plus, Binom provides richer functionality as new features are implemented and updated almost every month.
What is the difference between a tracker and Google Analytics
GA is a tool for analyzing traffic on a site, for example, you can use this service on your landing. A tracker knows how to distribute traffic between landing pages and offers, counts costs and revenues, combines them into a single report, calculates profit and ROI for various metrics.
Can I try Binom for free?
Yes, after registration you will get a 14 day trial without any limitations in functionality. In some cases, we can extend trial up to 30 days upon request to support.
Do I need to have a server for tracker?
Yes, our tracker is self-hosted, i.e. Is installing on your server. You can also use VPS.
Can I install Binom by myself?
The installation procedure is quite simple. All instructions are integrated into the auto installer, or you can find them in our documentation. Besides, you can always contact our support via chat in you panel or via chat and they will install it for you. It is better for you to have a clean server. We will also install all the necessary environment (PHP, MySQL, ionCube, etc.).
What are the server requirements?

Hardware: We recommend to install Binom on a dedicated server, but VPS is also an option. 2 GB of RAM + SSD Software: 1) If you don’t have and don’t want to install web-panel (ISP, Vesta, etc.), then all you need is a clean server with Debian 8 – our auto installer will do all setup for you. 2) If you have web-panel, then you need to install: - PHP 5.6 - MySQL 5.3+ - PDO Extension - ionCube loader 10.1.1+ - cURL You also would need root MySQL password If you need to optimize your server for high volumes - please contact our support, they will set it up for you.

How does tracker updates?
Unlike other trackers, Binom updates automatically, so you don’t have to re-upload all the files manually. When new update is available - an orange link "New update" appears in the header, just click on it, then click Update and after couple of minutes you will have the newest version of Binom.
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