Thank you for signing up

We are glad to see you. In order to start using Binom, you need to install it on your server. To do this, go through four steps.

Step 1. Choose a server

If you already have server, then go to the next step. Otherwise, read our recommendations.

Dedicated or VPS?

Usually we recommend dedicated servers, but if your daily traffic is less than 500k clicks (without potential increase), then you can choose inexpensive VPS and save some money. Virtual servers are also good in terms of 100% server’s health, because on dedicated servers sometimes might be hardware problems.

Step 2: Purchase a domain for the tracker

Domain is mostly needed for your campaign links. You can add as many domains as you need, but only one will be available for tracker login. You can, of course, install tracker on the server's IP address, but this can negatively affect your traffic the conversion rate.
If you already have a domain, then you need to link it to your tracker’s server. For namecheap you can use this) manual.
If you do not have a domain yet, then you should buy it (for example at namecheap or and link it with the server.

Step 3. Setting up the environment and tracker on the server

If you just bought a server, then you have two options:
— Use Binom Auto-install, which will install and optimize tracker and all necessary software in 5 minutes.
— Write to our support and they will do everything for you.
We highly recommend to install tracker on a clean server (Debian 9 minimal / Ubuntu 16.04 LTS), because otherwise, if you already have web-panel (ISP/PLESK/VESTA) or running sites/services, you will need to optimize the resources consumption independently, i.e. be technically savvy in server administration. If you feel, that you can, check our requirements and the installation process itself.

Step 4. Setting the domain for license

We provide one license for a particular domain. Before installing, you need to specify it in the panel on the Licenses tab. In case of changing tracker’s domain, change it in the corresponding license in the panel..

Open Licenses


In our documentation you will find answers to the most questions by yourself. We put lots of effort into it and hope that you will appreciate our work. Here are some articles that can help you at the beginning:

First campaign launch Creating a new campaign Traffic distribution Postback URL Landing page creation Offer creation


Qualitative customer support is one of our priorities. We strive to answer as quickly as possible on any questions regarding to the tracker, technical details or affiliate-related. Our support works from 10 to 24 by Moscow time, without weekends, but we try not to abandon our clients during off hours.

Contact us via Support Chat or Telegram