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Binom is a self-hosted tracking platform. It is the undisputed leader
in click-processing and report-building speeds.
Our main goal is to save you time!

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A tracker is the affiliate marketer’s main tool. It defines your results.
Eliminating tracking errors is crucial: due to slow redirects you lose ROI,
and an inconvenient interface leads to time loss.
By choosing Binom you will get unique advantages and stay ahead of your competitors.

Other tracking software

  • Pay per clicks volume
  • Drops or slow performance on high loads
  • Long redirect times and click loss
  • Slow reporting
  • Poor functionality
  • Rare updates
  • Inconvenient and slow user interface
  • Inconvenient team functionalities
  • Slow support and indifference towards clients

Binom Tracker

  • A license cost that does not depend to the amount of traffic you send
  • Handles millions of clicks per day
  • Click processing time is 5 ms under any server load
  • The highest speed of report generating on the market
  • Group Campaign Reports
  • Large-scale automated updates every few month
  • The fastest and most convenient user interface
  • Flexible multi-user system with different access rights
  • The average response time of our support is 2 minutes


A whole new way to work with traffic.

Earn more with advanced traffic distribution!
Binom knows how to send a click to a landing page that a user has not seen yet,
and to which offer the user has not yet converted.
Become more profitable increasing your frequency caps!

Paths and rules

Paths and rules system with 20+ metrics, including uniqueness, proxy, IP-range and time of day.


With Rotations you can conveniently change the distribution weight for any campaign.

Smart rotation

Earn more by sending users to landing pages or offers which he hasn’t seen yet.


Send clicks from one campaign to another. Send traffic to specific paths of landing pages. Create the perfect funnel.


Reports that actually help

Campaign analysis in Binom is a pure pleasure.
Rapid multi-level reports with line markings, search, filters and Drilldown function
will help you quickly find profitable segments in your campaign.
Take optimization to the next level.

High speed

Most reports generate almost instantly. Forget about waiting. No more wasted time and frustration.

Filter system

With the help of our powerful filter system, data analysis and decision making becomes as easy as never before.

More than 20 analytical reports and advanced data points

Learn everything about your traffic! All basic metrics + service provider, connection type, device, uniqueness, etc.

Group reports

You can see statistics for any given campaign or in groups. Cross-campaign analysis gives you a huge advantage.

Statistics on paths, rules, rotations

You will always know exactly how Binom distributes your traffic.

Marking rows

Mark sites directly in the report and use these labels for filters. Working with a team has never been easier.

Report on uniqueness and bots

Binom helps you can get better traffic from your traffic sources.

Bid grouping

Bidding statistics will tell you exactly what the optimum price is for each campaign (or publisher) so you maximize profits..


Campaigns optimization in two clicks

With the help of saved filters and quick access to all reports, campaign optimization becomes fast and comfortable.
Smart filters will help you make accurate white- and black-lists.

Filters saving

Save a filter once and you can start using it in two clicks. Also by API.

Multilevel filters

You can filter simultaneously on multiple levels of the report, for example, publisher and OS.


Simultaneous filter on several parameters, for example Clicks>100, ROI>50%.

Smart filters

Our advanced mathematical model will help you generate white- and black- lists.


Learn everything about your traffic!

Tracking 20+ click metrics with the newest ISP and devices databases.
Tracking of user’s behavior on landing pages, exit points, browser settings, http-headers and many more.

Tracking of 20+ click metrics

Including city, connection type and proxy. Highest device and carrier identification accuracy thanks to our combined databases.

Landing Page Metrics

Find out browser settings, http-headers, exit points and other metrics on the landing page.

LP Pixel

With LP Pixel you can send traffic directly to the landing page without unnecessary redirects.

Integrated Landings

After saving its code in the tracker, landing will open by the campaign URL without any redirects.

Unlimited Domains

Use as many additional domains for your campaigns as you need.

Event system

All you want: percent of bots, scrolls, form focuses, any metrics on landers.


The best choice for teams!

Fine-tuning access rights for users will allow your team to work simultaneously on one tracker.

User permissions

Restrictions on campaigns, offers, landing pages, rotations, traffic sources and networks. View, edit, create, anything is possible.

Limited access

Opportunity to open particular groups or individual campaigns, offers or landing pages individually for each user.

Unlimited users

Create a team of any size. We work with whole departments with dozens of people.

Hide revenue metrics

To ensure that your employees do not know the profit on a campaign, you can disable the display of revenue metrics.


Fully control the tracker through API

Connect your optimization instruments or integration and visualization tools with a simple API to all the main functions and reports.
To send and receive data, the JSON format is used.

Access to landing pages and offers

You can get a list of existing ones, add new, edit or delete offers and landing pages.

Any API report

Add the API-key parameter to the URL of any report and you will receive it in JSON format.

Filters and marked rows

Using API, you can display filtered or labeled report rows, thus getting ready white- and blacklists for your campaigns.

Updating costs

You can also adjust the cost for your campaigns by using API.

Campaigns managment

You can change campaign settings and traffic distribution: add/delete paths and rules, edit weight etc.

User managment

Create, edit and delete users via API.


Godlike support

Our support team will gladly install the tracker itself on your server, help with data transfer and tell you how to use the tracker for your tasks most effectively.


Forget about endlessly waiting for answers to your tickets. The average response time of our support is 2 minutes.

Installation help

We will take care of all technical issues and will install Binom on your server for free.


Our system monitors errors in redirects and tracker uptime. We inform our customers if something goes wrong.

Detailed documentation

Our FAQ has more than 100 answers to the most diverse questions, and the documentation has about 50 articles.

mobile Apps

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All Features


  • Processing time for a click is 5-30 ms
  • Guarantee of zero losses
  • Processing speed does not depend on volume
  • Does not depend on the amount of clicks in database
  • Separated from report generation


  • Works under any load
  • Transaction Engine for click storing
  • PHP 5+ based
  • Compatible with MySQL 5+, MariaDB, Percona
  • Low memory usage
  • Server failover system
  • Monitoring and SMS-notification system


  • Save offers and landings in tracker
  • Additional users with limited access
  • Notes to the campaigns, offers and landings
  • Preset traffic sources
  • Directory of rated affiliate networks
  • Batch adding of offers and landings
  • Groups


  • A/B and MVT-testing
  • Paths, Landings, Offers
  • Rotation system
  • Distribution by uniqueness and conversion
  • Redirect of Proxy-traffic
  • Distribution rules for 20+ metrics
  • Clickthrough between campaigns
  • Multi-affiliate landings
  • Redirect to a particular path or landing


  • The highest speed of reports generation
  • More than 30 metrics
  • Collective reports for campaigns and traffic sources
  • Three-level groupings without limitations
  • Drilldown
  • Statistics by paths, rules, rotations
  • Filters system
  • Export to CSV
  • Statistics by days
  • Bots identifying
  • Uniqueness report
  • IP-ranges and connection type
  • Statistics for last hour
  • Rows marking
  • Trends
  • Clicklog with filters
  • Bid reports


  • LP Pixel
  • Integrated landings (without redirect)
  • Sending information from landing
  • Tracking exit points from landing
  • Improved Postback
  • Unlimited additional domains
  • Postback conversions to the source
  • Click cost import from the source
  • Update costs by tokens and time zones
  • Manual conversions update and removal
  • City tracking
  • Conversion statuses


  • Campaign information
  • Information about landings and offers
  • Campaign reports
  • Update costs
  • Filters


  • Detailed documentation
  • FAQ with 100+ questions
  • Tickets, skype, telegram, email
  • Answer within 1 hour
  • Online from 9 to 23 MSK
  • Great responsiveness :)
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Is Binom suitable for beginners?

Of course. Right off the bat, eliminating tracker-related errors is crucial. Working with other trackers you can fail to create successful campaigns due to losing ROI. This may happen because of slow redirects and traffic loss, which you will never face with Binom. Our tracker has a number of unique features, such as redirectless tracking, filter-system, protection from spy-services and much more. Detailed documentation and FAQ with 100+ questions will allow you to master the product, and if you require assistance, feel free to contact our support. All our clients agree, that we have the best support among trackers.

Is Binom suitable for professionals?

Binom was created for the most demanding of professionals. That does not mean it has to be complicated. It is the most modern and technologically advanced solution on the market today. Our team started to create Binom out of their own needs. And as it often happens, during the development process we decided the product would be useful for other people. We have more than 7 years of experience in media buying and perfectly understand all needs of our fellow affiliates. Our goal is to give our clients unique opportunities to increase their profits, competitive advantages and provide them with reliable and fast tool.

What makes Binom better than other self-hosted trackers?

Our product is the most advanced solution among other self-hosted trackers at the moment. We don’t have all the disadvantages other trackers have, such as unstable code base, slow redirects on high volumes, loss of clicks (even while generating statistics), slow report generation. At any load, you get the fastest redirects and stable and high interface speed.

What makes Binom better than popular cloud trackers?

Our most important advantage against other cloud trackers is that the license price does not depend on the amount of clicks. Also, data is stored on your server, so you won’t lose it even your if your license expires. Under light load, costs for cloud and self-hosted trackers are comparable. But if traffic counts up to millions clicks per day (for example, when working with pop-traffic), costs can differ up to ten times. Plus, Binom provides richer functionality as new features are implemented and updated almost every month.

What is the difference between a tracker and Google Analytics

GA is a tool for analyzing traffic on a site, for example, you can use this service on your landing. A tracker knows how to distribute traffic between landing pages and offers, counts costs and revenues, combines them into a single report, calculates profit and ROI for various metrics.

What difference between tracker and TDS?

TDS - is a traffic distribution system. It is it’s function and the architecture is based on this purpose. However, the analysis and statistics are either not present at all - or present at a primitive level. Binom, on the other hand, is oriented not only on traffic distribution, but also on deep and fast analytics. Our tracker includes all TDS functions as well as additional powerful analytic tools, that makes our product much more difficult to develop.

Can we use Binom for mobile traffic tracking?

Our tracker is a universal solution for any type of traffic, including mobile. Binom can detect device type, IP (including ranges), carrier and connection type.

Can I try Binom for free?

Yes, after registration you will get a 14 day trial without any limitations in functionality. In some cases, we can extend trial up to 30 days upon request to support.

Does the Binom tracker protect from spy-services?

Yes, Binom has an Anti-spy module that protects against services like Adsplexity and similar. Also Binom has LP Protect function, which hides the landing page if you try to open it through direct link (without passing through the tracker).

Do I need to have a server for tracker?

Yes, our tracker is self-hosted, i.e. Is installing on your server. You can also use VPS.

Can I install Binom by myself?

The installation procedure is quite simple. All instructions are integrated into the auto installer, or you can find them in our documentation. Besides, you can always contact our support via chat in you panel or via skype and they will install it for you. It is better for you to have a clean server. We will also install all the necessary environment (PHP, MySQL, ionCube, etc.).

What are the server requirements?

We recommend to install Binom on a dedicated server, but VPS is also an option.
2 GB of RAM +

1) If you don’t have and don’t want to install web-panel (ISP, Vesta, etc.), then all you need is a clean server with Debian 8 – our auto installer will do all setup for you.
2) If you have web-panel, then you need to install:
- PHP 5.6
- MySQL 5.3+
- PDO Extension
- ionCube loader 10.1.1+
- cURL
You also would need root MySQL password

If you need to optimize your server for high volumes - please contact our support, they will set it up for you.

Where should I purchase a server?

We recommend using a dedicated server. You can buy them at FastVPS or Hetzner. Optimal specs are: Intel® Core™ i7-6700, 2x500GB SSD HHD, 32GB RAM (BS-32-SSD). If you prefer VPS, we recommend you DigitalOcean.

How does tracker updates?

Unlike other trackers, Binom updates automatically, so you don’t have to re-upload all the files manually. When new update is available - an orange link "New update" appears in the header, just click on it, then click Update and after couple of minutes you will have the newest version of Binom.

Still have questions?

You can contact us using live-chat, email or skype

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